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A vision into the future.

The Society of Mesotherapy of South-Africa (SoMZA) was founded in 2014 in Cape Town, sister of the Society of Mesotherapy of the United Kingdom (SoMUK) and it follows the principles of the founder of the International Society of Mesotherapy, Dr Michel Pistor (1924-2003). 

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    The Professional Standards of the SoMZA

    Are appropriately trained and experienced to practice Mesotherapy safely.


    Respect and follow the government’s legislation.


    Are trained according their education level (tailored for “medical only” or “advanced aestheticians”).

    Are aware of their additional responsibilities if they have prescribing privileges.


    Are aware of their additional responsibilities if they train others in cosmetic interventions.


    Are properly insured to provide Mesotherapy treatments.

    Follow current guidelines or protocols for safe, effective provision of interventions using Mesotherapy.


    Consider the physical, social, psychological and emotional support needs of their patients (safeguarding).

    Are aware of their additional responsibilities if they provide clinical oversight of other practitioners.


    Work with patients individually to make sure their expectations about the outcomes that can be achieved for them are realistic, that they are able to make fully informed decisions, which are appropriately consented by the patients.

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