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Sponsorship Member

Industry and/or Individuals who choose to become a sponsorship member of the SoMZA play an important role in allowing the SoMZA to provide regular printed material to the membership as a whole and allow us to keep members connected with information in the Mesotherapy community.

Sponsorship members are recognised for their valued contribution to the SoMZA at all SoMZA congresses and meetings, receive recognition in printed material and on the website and are entitled to discounted rates in the Exhibition portion of each meeting.

The SoMZA relies on the support of our members and contributions from the user community to service. We encourage companies that make extensive use of SoMZA to support the society through the our Corporate Sponsor Program. The generous support of these Corporate Sponsors allows the SOMUK to provide world-class.

A company may become a corporate sponsor by making a financial contribution or an in-kind contribution of goods and services to the SoMZA.

How to Become a Corporate Sponsor

Contact the SoMZA to determine method of payment. In-kind contributions will require previous agreement from the SoMZA. Contributions or gifts  are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Corporate sponsors, by signing our logo agreement, agree to have their corporate logo listed on the SOMUK Sponsor page. 


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